China's climbing magnetic field technology and scientific research peak achieve new results

On November 5th, researchers of the Strong Magnetic Field Science Center of the Anhui Hefei Institute of Material Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences realized a design index of 100,000 Gauss on a large superconducting high field magnet used for hybrid magnet devices. The successful integration of 400,000 Gaussian hybrid magnets has laid a key foundation.

The national “Eleventh Five-Year” major science and technology infrastructure—the steady-state strong magnetic field experimental device project includes a hybrid magnet device that generates 400,000 Gaussian magnetic fields. It consists of 100,000 Gauss superconducting magnets with a bore diameter of 920 mm and 300,000 included in it. Gaussian water-cooled magnets are combined, and the water-cooled magnets have successfully achieved technical specifications in a separate test in September. Large-diameter superconducting high-field magnets have become one of the key technologies for the successful development of hybrid magnets because of their high cost, difficulty, high risk, and long development cycle. The successful development of this superconducting magnet is a new milestone in the development of the international superconductivity technology. Prior to this, there was no such large magnet in the world capable of generating 100,000 Gaussian magnetic fields, and no superconducting magnet capable of generating 100,000 Gaussian magnetic fields could achieve such a large scale. The caliber. Therefore, its successful development has not only established a high platform for the research of steady magnetic fields in China, but also created new successful experiences for the development of international superconducting high field magnet technology.

The large-scale high-field superconducting magnet device is a complex system engineering. It not only requires the magnet itself to have good electromagnetic performance and mechanical properties, but also requires multiple subsystems such as cryogenic cooling system, superconducting magnet power supply, security and control system for successful operation. The close cooperation and protection. Therefore, the successful commissioning of this superconducting magnet is also a successful test of the various subsystems independently developed.

It is reported that a steady-state strong magnetic field can provide rare extreme experimental conditions for multidisciplinary frontier studies such as physics, materials, chemistry, and life sciences. Therefore, the development of strong magnetic field experimental devices including superconducting high-field magnets has promoted scientific development in China. Of great significance; not only that, large superconducting high-field magnet technology also has other very important application prospects. The strong magnetic field center will redouble its efforts, on the basis of the existing, strive to complete the joint adjustment of the 400,000 Gaussian hybrid magnet device as soon as possible, and continuously climb the new peak of strong magnetic field technology and scientific research.

(Original title: Successful development of a large superconducting high field magnet device)

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