· After the listing of Angkorella, Mazda will have three games to play.

After nearly half a year of warm-up period, Mazda3 Axela was launched for sale at a press conference called “Beijing Love Story”. The new car includes 6 models of the sedan version and 5 models of the hatchback version. The official guide price is 114,900 yuan to 159,900 yuan.
It is undeniable that it is now in the best time in the history of Mazda in Chang'an.
The introduction of “Chuangchi Blue Sky” technology and the hot sale of Mazda CX-5 eased the negative impact of political factors in the previous two years. From January to April this year, sales of Changma increased by 64.1% year-on-year. Although the sales figures of 28,000 vehicles are not comparable to many large-scale joint ventures, they have exceeded many people's expectations.
Kuang Jinwen, executive vice president of sales of Changan Mazda, attributed this achievement to "the construction of system capabilities."
In January 2013, the fully-joined Changan Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd. was formally established, and the original functional framework of Changma needs to be adjusted. For a newly formed joint venture, this is no small challenge, but it also gives it the opportunity to rebuild the system.
In the next year, Changma, while improving the team building, focused on building the company's system structure and combing the basic business processes. More importantly, through the vision of the new company to regain the confidence and market competitiveness of the dealers, while providing business support capabilities, such as used cars, auto finance, leasing, and so on.
Perhaps it is this kind of improvement beyond expectations and the ability of the system. Mazda’s Hiroshima headquarters has accelerated the delivery of products to Changma. The listing of the CX-5 in China was 13 months away from Japan's launch, while Angkorra reduced this to 7 months.
New cars mean new growth points. However, in our opinion, if Long Ma wants to maintain his good condition, there are at least three more games to play.
First, avoid the “breakpoint” of sales growth.
Since its listing in August last year, the CX-5 has sold an average of 5,000 units a month. This is the best result of a single model since the establishment of Changan Ma, but it is far from its original expectations. During the 2011 Beijing Auto Show, Mazda China and Changma jointly announced that the car's target will be locked in the volume of Honda CR-V and Volkswagen Tiguan, while the latter two cars can sell at least 10,000 vehicles per month.
The reason for the gap lies in: on the one hand, it takes time for the latecomers to shake the market pattern. On the other hand, due to the global sales of the CX-5, the Japanese headquarters is “unprepared to prevent”, and the capacity of the transmission of the Hiroshima factory is tight, leading to the pre-marketing Chinese consumption. It is necessary to extend the time for picking up the car. To this end, Changma even had to "control" the sales growth rate.
At present, Mazda is building a new gearbox factory in Thailand, but it will not be ready until the second half of next year. “The current measure is to increase the capacity of the Japanese factory this summer.” Mazda’s chairman of China, Miyamoto Shino, told the Automotive Business Review.
This is not a completely good news, because the Angkorla gearbox also needs to be imported.
In addition to carrying the "Chuangchi Blue Sky" technology and the use of the "soul" concept, Angkeira has changed the past that Mazda's interior is too "simplistic" in its class, and the quality of its functions and materials has improved. a lot of. It is worth mentioning that its car networking system Mazda Yuelian (MZD CONNECT) entered China for the first time through this car.
Angkeira is not to be lost. The old Ma 3 is no longer in production. Xingyi will stop production in February. It is expected that the remodeled model will be launched around September to make up for the market space of about 100,000 yuan. The CX-5 accounts for 90% of the total sales so far this year. about. If Angkorella can't “put up” because of gearbox capacity problems, the confidence of Changma dealers who are still recovering will be a huge blow.
In the interviews after the Beijing Auto Show and Angkorra's listing, whenever asked about the sales expectations of Angkeira or Changma, Kuang Jinwen will answer with “How many cars can be produced by Matsuo,” and laugh at the same time. Shoot his shoulder.
Matsuo Masahiro, President of Changan Mazda Co., Ltd. Obviously, in solving the problem of gearbox supply, the joint venture company hopes that Japan can do more work to the headquarters.
Second, build the brand of Changma.
With the "breaking the regular" brand campaign and the CX-5 series marketing activities led by Mazda China in the previous year, what Changma needs to worry about now is no longer the influence of the Mazda brand, but how The features of the Ankesella model are displayed.
Stunning and sexy is the key word that Longma gives to this car, which can be seen in its pre-heating advertisement with the theme of “The Great City”. With the listing of Angkeira, Changma has cooperated with the World of Warcraft production team to launch cross-border marketing with the 3D online game Guild Wars 2. In the view of Kuang Jinwen, the purpose of this move is to "train fans of Angkeira and cultivate fans of Changan Mazda."
The former may not be difficult to achieve, while the latter requires sustained determination and endurance.
At the beginning of his tenure, Kuang Jinwen began to think about "What is the positioning of Changma? How can we strengthen the recognition and recognition of Changma?" At the dealer conference in July 2012, "Indulgence of Passion" was officially established as a corporate slogan. Raised, but because the "Diaoyu Island incident" was once put on hold.
Today, this concept is gradually strengthened by the launch of new products.
Third, the ability of the enterprise system has been strengthened.
What does a comprehensive joint venture mean?
“Chang'an Mazda is the only comprehensive company in the world that integrates R&D, production, and sales for Mazda.” This is Mazda's positioning of Changma. On this issue, Changan explained that "the positioning of Changma is a shift from manufacturing to strategic management."
The two expressions are the same, but the real implementation is not an easy task. If, as before, the joint venture company waits for the products to be transported by the foreign party, it will definitely die. It is an irresistible trend to develop a localized model suitable for China's national conditions. In this regard, Changan and Mazda are ready.
If there is no accident, the focus of the Changma R&D Center, which was put into use on March 17, will soon be changed from localization of parts to work with the R&D department of Hiroshima headquarters. From the planning stage, it will be involved in the entire development process of certain models. At the same time, it will form an “independent development capability to develop new models based on existing models”. The size of the staff will also increase from the current 300 to around 500. For Changma's plan to launch a new model every year, it will take on important tasks.
In the marketing system, Changma is also trying new ways.
In May of this year, it spent 750,000 yuan in Tmall to start the "Changan Mazda official flagship store", four days, 99 CX-5 sold out. Overall, Changma's owners and target customers are younger, and their spending habits are more dependent on the network. The next marketing initiatives of the company will be further adjusted.
The above two items are an important part of the long-term improvement of the long-term system, but not all.
We understand that the most "tangled" debate within Changma is currently centered on future product planning. For example, the current sales of Ma 2 are very pessimistic, and only sold less than 500 units in the first quarter of this year. For this car, is it to continue to produce and sell, or to fully transfer the production capacity to the upcoming compact SUV of the same platform? The company has reached a unified internal.
In the increasingly competitive Chinese auto market, good product planning and successful implementation is a necessary condition for a manufacturer to grow and develop, and this may be the hardest and most valuable glimpse of Changma. .
We believe that to do this, we need good communication, understanding and consistency in the long-term relationship between China and foreign countries. At the moment, they are working hard in this direction.

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 1. carbon & low alloy steel;

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Heat Treatment: Normalizing





lOccupies an area more than 6,000 square meters

lMore than 40pcs big CNC lathes    Ø500 - Ø1200

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