Volvo and China National Heavy Duty Truck Select Site for Joint Venture Production Engine Company

On August 10th, a Volvo senior delegation led by Mr. Moburg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Volvo Power Company, paid a visit and discussed with Sinotruk Group on the location of the joint venture engine manufacturer in Jinan City. On March 29 this year, Volvo signed a framework agreement with China National Heavy Duty Truck Group and China FAW to jointly establish a world-class engine manufacturing company. This is an important step on the strategic cooperation road after Volvo entered China. If the cooperation project goes smoothly, Volvo intends to invest in the world's most advanced engine manufacturing technology and a large amount of funds, which will greatly enhance the technical level of China's heavy-duty truck engines and components, and drive the development of related process manufacturing technology. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CNHTC Group and Ma Chunji, Secretary of the Party Committee held a friendly talk with Volvo's senior delegation and briefed the Volvo delegation on the progress of various work since the signing of the framework agreement. Wang Donghui, deputy party secretary of CNHTC Group, accompanied the guests to visit Jinan Industrial Park. Shandong Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary Jinan Party Committee Secretary Jiang Daming and other leaders of Jinan City met with Volvo's senior delegation. Jiang Daming said that Jinan City will continue to provide quality services for the development of enterprises. He hoped that all parties in the cooperation will actively negotiate and communicate in accordance with the requirements of the framework agreement and make substantial progress in the cooperation projects as soon as possible. Source: Auto Parts Business Network
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