The only domestic Russian oil processing plant drove successfully

Recently, with the high-quality diesel coming out of the installation pipeline into the tank, Lhasa Petrochemical's 5.5 million tons/year Russian crude oil processing plant was successfully driven. It is reported that this is currently the only device for single-handedly pumping Russian crude oil in the country, and its successful drive represents an important step in the construction of the largest Russian oil processing base in the country.
Zhao Chung, director of the Liaoyang Petrochemical Refinery, said that the device was designed specifically for Russian oil properties, and there are many differences in the process with other refineries. Compared with China's domestic crude oil, Russian crude oil contains higher light oil components. Liaoyang Petrochemical Company has been processing Daqing crude oil and Liaohe crude oil before, the highest extraction rate of light oil components is 77%, while the total oil yield of Russian oil light oil can reach more than 80%.
Before this project was constructed, Liaoyang Petrochemical Company had a crude oil processing capacity of 3.5 million tons per year. Due to factors such as raw materials, the company's total crude oil processing volume has been between 3.5 and 4 million tons. With the completion of this project, Liaoyang Petrochemical has greatly improved its primary processing capacity.
In addition, this device has special significance for Liaoyang Petrochemical. The general manager of the company, Ruan Chenghui, believes that CNPC's positioning of Liaoyang Petrochemical is to build a large aromatic hydrocarbon base, and the new naphtha aromatics produced by the newly constructed 5.5 million tons/year Russian oil processing plant will have a high potential content of aromatic hydrocarbons. This advantage provides an opportunity to expand aromatics production. Adequate raw material protection.
For CNPC, the completion of the 5.5 million-ton/year Russian oil processing project will further accelerate the process of implementing the internationalization strategy, and it will have a very good use of both domestic and international resources to build a Russian oil processing base and an aromatic hydrocarbon production base. Important strategic significance.