Our country has built a large-scale special chemical equipment manufacturing base

Petrochemical project will use more innovative domestic titanium equipment
A large-scale special chemical equipment manufacturing base is emerging in Binjiang Development Zone, Jiangning, Nanjing. On December 16, Nanjing Baosili Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., one of the leading enterprises of titanium chemical equipment in China, officially completed production and put into operation in the new factory area in Nanjing Binjiang. As a result, the capability of Baoshui Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. to manufacture large-scale chemical special equipment has been greatly improved. . The highly anticipated Shenhua direct liquefaction core titanium equipment was manufactured here. The industry believes that the construction of the project will meet the petrochemical industry's demand for large non-standard special equipment.
According to Wang Hanchen, chairman of Baoshen Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., the Binjiang New Factory Construction Project has a total investment of 320 million yuan and has created a 133,000 square meter professional design and manufacturing base for large special equipment. The completion of the project is the first phase of the project, which lasted 10 months and completed an investment of 80 million yuan. The construction of the new plant in Binjiang is in line with the mainstream trend of large-scale, large-scale and localization of domestic petrochemical equipment, especially meeting the requirements for the manufacture of large-scale special equipment such as PTA and coal-to-oil plants, plant height, terminal transportation capacity, precision, and cleanliness. The demanding requirements.
Titanium chemical equipment has excellent corrosion resistance and heat transfer performance. With the development of China's petrochemical industry, the trend of high-temperature, high-pressure, and large-scale chemical equipment is even more obvious. The demand for large-scale complete sets of titanium equipment in the chemical equipment market has soared. Special equipment (titanium, nickel, tantalum, zirconium, copper and other rare metals) equipment manufacturing started relatively late in our country and is a weakness in China's already backward equipment manufacturing industry. Due to weak self-development capacity and relatively small scale of manufacturing, China's large-scale special chemical equipment mainly relies on imports. Expanding the scale of production, improving the ability to innovate, and improving the processing technology have become the inevitable development of the special chemical equipment industry.
In order to meet the demand for domestic special materials and equipment, Baose Company has been drawing new technology and new technologies in international related fields for 12 years and strengthening technological innovation. It has filled more than 20 domestic technologies and equipment gaps and created a number of domestic firsts. Their efforts have enhanced the design and manufacturing level of China's special chemical equipment industry, and provided various types of high-quality titanium reaction vessels, heat exchangers, towers, storage containers, pipelines and other products for petroleum, chemical, salt production, and environmental protection. .
The company also successfully developed nine key large-scale equipments for the 600,000-ton/year PTA plant, among which the dehydration tower (Φ6500×46000mm) is currently the largest domestically produced titanium tower. The localization projects for large-scale PTA plant titanium equipments, acetic acid plants, and localization projects for large-scale zirconium composite plate synthesizers were all included in the national key technological innovation projects and national major equipment innovation research projects.