May be implemented next year in Europe III Beijing will introduce local vehicle oil standards

The State Environmental Protection Administration announced yesterday that it will start implementing the second phase limit of the national motor vehicle pollutant emission standard that is equivalent to the Euro II standard starting from July 1, and stop production and import of Euro I standard light vehicles. The reporter learned that Beijing plans to implement the Euro III emission standard from January 1 next year. Beijing and Shanghai have implemented the Euro II standards on January 1, 2003 and March 1, 2003, respectively. According to Zhang Lijun, Director of the Pollution Control Department of the State Environmental Protection Administration, the Beijing plan will continue to precede the country and is expected to be implemented equivalent to the Euro III standard from January 1 next year. It is currently being reported to the State Council for approval. For the forthcoming implementation of the Euro III standard, many consumers who buy cars are concerned: If the auto emissions they purchase do not reach Euro III standards, will they be restricted? Relevant person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau stated that Beijing will implement the principle of “old vehicle old method and new vehicle new method” for the emission management of motor vehicles. In other words, if the Euro III emission standard is implemented, only the “standard” sales and new cars on the road will be implemented, and for the old cars that were previously on the road, the corresponding old emission standards will still be implemented, and no technical changes will be required. . The person in charge of the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau's Atmospheric Office revealed yesterday that Beijing's "Automotive Vehicle Standard" and "Diesel Standard" have been finalized and will be announced to the society in the near future. Ten Beijing officials will formally implement the standard. "The implementation of standards, a specification of the existing Beijing oil market, so that Beijing now sells oil products can be matched with the EU II standard, and also to prepare for the implementation of the EU III standard next year in Beijing to ensure the smooth implementation of the EU III standard." At present, China Petroleum Sinopec has promised to supply oil products in the Beijing II Euro II standard after the 11th, and by August of next year, they will provide oil products that meet Euro III standards. According to the experts, according to the market rules of “high quality and high prices”, after the quality of oil products has increased, the retail prices of gasoline gasoline and diesel for Beijing will increase by a certain amount. The rate of increase will be specifically formulated by the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission. (Zhang Xiaojuan) Editor: Source: Beijing Entertainment News