Artificial climate chamber provides convenience for variety test promotion

From the beginning of germination to the growth and development of plants, the flowering results are affected by the external environment to varying degrees. Studies have shown that plant growth under suitable environmental conditions will help its growth, yield and quality will be higher, so for the production management of different crops, especially the cultivation of new varieties, to understand the appropriate growth stages The environment is very important. The artificial climate chamber is a professional artificial climate control device. It can be used to better carry out scientific research between plant growth and environment, and provide convenience for variety trials.

Advanced equipment is very helpful for agricultural experimental research and can facilitate the development of research work. Taking the artificial climate box as an example, before the equipment is used yet, the control of the natural environment is weak. It is difficult to limit the environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity according to the experimental needs, but after the application of the artificial climate box, we pass several With a simple setup, the experimental environment can be accurately prepared, and the environmental conditions are kept constant and stable, so that not only the test efficiency is greatly improved, the cycle is significantly shortened, and the test effect is more prominent. At present, in various fields, everyone is very recognized for the incubator equipment and gives a high evaluation.

In the promotion of variety testing, the application value of artificial climate chamber is also very high. For example, before the promotion of new varieties, it is an indispensable step to understand the characteristics of germination and growth of new varieties. During the experiment, the artificial climate box can be artificially controlled to create the environmental conditions required for the test, and thus better develop. The variety test, to understand the environmental support needed for the germination and growth of new varieties, and finally provide data basis for the promotion of planting, to achieve successful artificial cultivation. In the development of characteristic agriculture, the application of artificial climate chambers has provided support for the development of characteristic industries such as flowers and Chinese herbal medicines, provided support for scientific and effective management, and promoted the upgrading of related industries.

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