What is the difference between a swim ring and a lifebuoy?

The difference between swimming ring and lifebuoy
1, the weight of the two is different
Swimming ring: It is a water toy, light in weight, easy to break, easy to leak, poor in pressure resistance and easy to burst.
The lifebuoy is a kind of water lifesaving equipment, and the production process is complicated and the requirements are more stringent. The weight should be greater than 2.5. A lifebuoy with a spontaneous smoke signal and a fast-discharge device attached to a self-illuminating floating light shall have a weight greater than four.
2, the materials of the two are different
The swim ring is just a water inflatable toy made of plastic and cannot be used for lifesaving purposes.
The lifebuoy is a closed-cell foam material, which is a polystyrene material. The glass fiber cloth is wrapped on the outside, and three layers of phenolic resin are applied, and then canvas is applied and several layers of paint are applied. The lifebuoy ring must have a fluorescent strip for easy rescue.

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