Inspection and maintenance plan for pneumatic diaphragm pump

The use of pneumatic diaphragm pumps is generally more widespread, and the diaphragm pump itself is rarely faulty and repaired. How to detect and repair in the following ways when there are problems:

1. The pneumatic diaphragm pump cannot start or move slowly.
1. Check for filters, pressure regulators, and smooth equipment and air inlet filters.

2. Check the spindle and “O” ring fittings for scratches, abrasions and flattening. If there is any damage, please replace it.

Second, the pump flow is too low will cause slow work or stop
1. Check if there is a cavitation in the pump body and adjust the inlet pressure of the compressed air. Reduce the working speed of the pump body to adjust the viscosity and concentration of the liquid.

2. Check if the ball is stuck. If the delivered liquid does not match the valve ball material. The ball will expand. Replace the ball and seat of the appropriate material.

3. Please check if the inlet pipe is blocked.

Third, check if the liquid leaks and many bubbles
1. Please check if the diaphragm piece has a break.

2. Check if the pump body and piping are leaking.

3. Check if the accessories and various switches are properly installed and locked.

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