1220maxi Pav Concrete Paver with 8.5m Paving Width

  • Model NO.: 1220MAXI-PAV
  • Object: Cement Concrete Pavement
  • Mixing Method: Continuous Drum
  • Product Capacity: 40~400t/h
  • Condition: New
  • Maximum Paving Width: 8.5m
  • Paving Speed: 0-5m/Min
  • Vibration Frequency: 0-167Hz
  • Rating Power: 195kw
  • Overall Weight: 25tons
  • Transport Package: by Sea Required
  • Origin: China
  • Type: Paver
  • Moving Type: Mobile
  • Automatic Grade: Automatic
  • Certification: ISO9001: 2000, CE
  • Standard Paving Width: 4.25m
  • Paving Thickness: 0-350mm
  • Grade Ability: at Work:≥10%; Idle: ≥15%
  • Engine Model: Volvo Tad721ve
  • Rating Rotate Speed: 2300r/Min
  • Trademark: Kudat
  • Specification: SGS
  • HS Code: 84791021
The technology of 1220MAXI-PAV slipform paver is imported from American Pro-Hoff Company. Using of this paver can greatly improve paving quality and speed, therefore, it is widely used to meet the need of concrete pavement construction in our country.
All the components are driven by hydraulic circuits, and the machine travels with two crawlers. Moreover, the automatic driving and leveling control systems are equipped in this machine. When working, the paver can accomplish paving, scraping, vibrating, shaking extruding, shaping at one time. Meanwhile, the road edge can be paved with the edge mould, and the reinforce steel bars can be inserted in the road from either middle or side of the paver.
SPECIFICATION           Model:1220MAXI-PAV       Type:SLIPFORM
Main parameters:
Maximum paving width 8500 mm
Maximum paving thickness  350mm
Performance :
Paving speed               0~5m/min
Flatness (surveyed by 3 meters ruler)            ≤3mm
Grade ability          At work:≥10%; Idle:≥15%
Model         TAD721VE
Type           6 firing orders; water-cooling
Power         195kW/2300r/min
Tank capacity               200l

Driving system:the whole machine is controlled by hydraulic circuits, and the engine is connected with gearbox and three twin pumps, supplying power for many components as: Traveling devices, Feeding devices, Vibration, Tamper bar, Body lifting and dropping, Cleaning system and all the executive cylinders.
Traveling devices:consist of a pump, two valves, a speed control device, two motors and two reducers; The two crawlers are driven by the two reducers; Bearing mode:two crawlers bear the weight of the whole machine, and the patch area of every crawler is 3000×320mm
Steering:the rotate speed and steering of the two motors are controlled by two hydraulic valves, so the purpose of steering without shift can be achieved.
Electrical system:24V DC supplied by two batteries is in charge of the whole circuit.
Control panel:all sorts of handles are mounted on the control panel severely so as to be operated conveniently; the operator can observe the operating modes of all the components easily through fore-and-aft routeways .
Servomechanism:a steering sensor and four grade sensors are equipped to   adjust     the body carriage and automatic steering automatically according to line transect.                                                                                                     
Working devices:
1. Crown pan  basic width............4250 mm
2. Vibrators    frequency............0~167 Hz
3. Tamper bar   rotate speed............0~170 r/min
4. Screw      rotate speed............0~34 r/min
Main performance characteristics of the 1220MAXI-PAV SLIPFORM
1.The using of incorporate mechanism, electricity and hydraulic drive greatly improves the reliability of the whole machine.
2.A VOLVO 195kW water-cooling engine is used to supply driving and reliable powers.
3.The screw can be controlled from either side of the paver, so the effect of feeding is perfect.
4.The operator can observe the operating modes of all the components easily through fore-and-aft routeways.
5.All the control elements are mounted on the control panel severely so as to be operated conveniently.
6.The material of screws and crown pan is wearable and advanced in the world.
7. Because of the using of automatic leveling, the lengthwise flatness is not exceed 3mm(surveyed by 3m ruler), the transverse grade error:±2‰.
8.Crawlers with life-time lubricated thrust wheels and track shoes wear well and are difficult to skid.
 9.It can accomplish the cement concrete paving at one time.
Refer to Chinese edition for accurate technical parameters and descriptions, and we preserve the right of modification.
Standard paving width mm 4250
Maximum paving width mm 8500
Paving thickness mm 0~350
Paving speed m/min 0~5
Grade ability % At work:≥10%; Idle: ≥15%
Vibration frequency Hz 0~167
Engine model   Volvo TAD721VE
Rating power kW 195
Rating rotate speed r/min 2300
Screw rotate speed r/min 0~34
Overall weight t 25
Size mm 3660×9920×2650
1220maxi Pav Concrete Paver with 8.5m Paving Width
1220maxi Pav Concrete Paver with 8.5m Paving Width
1220maxi Pav Concrete Paver with 8.5m Paving Width


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